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Security Safety And Small Business

When I log onto the computer for the first time each day I have a security feature that tells me if there are issues that need to be addressed. The issue could be something as small as downloading a new update or performing a routine scan. The system can even alert me if an attack on my system has been launched and then prevents it. Every business needs security. For brick and mortar stores that typically means either a security guard and/or motion sensing alarms. For online business it means........ Read More

Taxation Law For Small Businesses

Taxation law is a complex and in-depth area of concern for the small business owner. With potential pecuniary and criminal consequences, it is of paramount importance to ensure as a business owner, you are familiar with the tax consequences in your jurisdictions, and the ways in which you can minimise your liability. Whilst one of the most legally important things to understand as a small business owner, taxation law also provides an excellent opportunity for saving money and increasing prof........ Read More

It Helps Small Businesses Enact Big Ideas

Good customer service is crucial to success in business; there's nothing high-tech about helping customers get exactly what they need. But technology can make the process easier and more efficient. For most small businesses, investing in information technology (IT) can pay dividends in more ways than one. Not only can technology help companies establish a corporate identity and lower the cost of doing business, it can also help level the playing field. The Dell/National Federation of Independe........ Read More

Five Money-saving Travel Tips For Small Businesses

Saving money is a priority for any business, especially a small business. Small businesses often need every break and discount they can get, and traveling can be one of the most costly areas for small businesses. Unfortunately, many of the best travel advantages only go to big businesses. To help your business compete, here are a few tips to make your traveling expenses a little more palatable. * Search for cheap airfares. Internet search engines provide a great resource for cheap fares. Be ........ Read More

Creating Small Business Loans Online

There are many different ways to finance your small business and the focus of this aticle today will be to help you in creating small business loans online. Depending on what stage you are at with your small-business, you may have different financing needs than other small-businesses. The first website that we would like to point you towards in creating small business loans online can be found at: This website is very good becau........ Read More

Is Web 2.0 Going To Solve Your Small Business Online Needs?

There is a lot of buzz going round about web 2.0. The big boys of the internet are already on it and we all know it's the next big thing. As a matter of fact small online businesses have already started experimenting on it. With all the excitement building up to the possibilities of web 2.0, the challenge though lies in this simple but confounding question. How can small online business web sites utilize content 2.0 to grow and expand their core business without loosing focus or burning th........ Read More

Small Business Opportunity

There are many small business opportunities right under your nose. But you have to look at the world around you with fresh eyes and listen with newly tuned ears. New local ordinances may help you come up with an unheard of business. Where others see trouble, look for opportunity to start a new service or to make an innovation in an old business model. A small business opportunity may be waiting in the talent of your hands. Do you garden, fix your car, or do bead work? Whatever you know how t........ Read More

Small Business Loan For Women

Universities are showing more and more women enrolled in fields such as account, finance and economics. Single women have become a strong and powerful force in the U.S. economy. Women are now starting business ventures of their own, showing just as much if not more vitality and success than their male counterparts. Some lenders even have programs for small business loan for minority women. The importance small business loan for women are quickly catching the eye of many lenders today. Today, ........ Read More

Small Business Guide On Factoring

Many small businesses struggle with cash flow in the early years. One way to improve your cash flow is by factoring your debts. When you factor your debts the factoring company gives you up to 85% of any outstanding invoices straight away. They also take the burden of collecting your debts away from you. For this service they charge around anywhere between one and three percent of the invoice value. I used factoring in the late nineties when I was struggling to manage the growth of my pac........ Read More

Small Businesses Benefit From Web Competition

While word of mouth attracted new users, it was not until it won Best Family Web site in last year's WebAward competition that things took off for the Family Cookbook Project. With its Web site, Family Cookbook Project, the small business helps families and groups create and print personalized cookbooks to share and treasure. The simple-to-use site automates the process of gathering and formatting recipes into a family heirloom. "We were very excited to win a WebAward from the Web Marketing A........ Read More

It Consulting: What About Large/small Businesses?

In IT consulting you have many different options in who you choose as your clients. Larger than the sweet spot businesses are the large small businesses, which provides a different IT consulting opportunity. Large/Small Businesses Defined Large/Small Businesses have 5-100 seats, 50-100 computers, anywhere from 50-200 employees and US annual revenue somewhere in the ballpark of 5 million up to 20 million. At that size, you are going to start running into a lot more publicly run corporations. ........ Read More

Boomers Have Big Hopes For Small Businesses

As they approach retirement age, many baby boomers are considering alternatives to retirement. A growing number of them plan to forgo golf, travel and other pursuits to continue working through what have long been considered the retirement years. According to a report by AARP, 80 percent of those born from 1946 to 1964 plan to work after retirement. Some are taking this time of their lives to start a small business. In fact, AARP also reported that 40 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs are over 50........ Read More

Small Business Credit Cards

Small businesses are the driving engine of the U.S. economy. Yet every year, many of them fail due to lack of funds. If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of having resources available to you. Business credit cards offer the capital you need with conditions you can afford. Here’s how business credit cards can improve your financial situation as a small business owner. Extend Your Cash Flow Most business credit cards allow you to extend your cash flow. You can use yo........ Read More

Used Phones For The Small Business

I recently updated the phone system for my business. We're a small company with just a handful of employees in an office about the size of a two car garage. We do a lot of business over the phone and although we could handle the call volume with our old system, I still felt (and was informed many times) that it was antiquated and hard to use. I knew it needed to be brought up to speed so I consulted my employees and asked them to list the features that they felt would improve productivity and ma........ Read More

Private Venture Capital For Small Business Startups

The idea of starting your very own business can be exciting, but the cost of getting it started can prevent you from being able to follow your dream. Too many new businesses fail and therefore traditional lenders are very careful who they give money to. Even if you approach them with a quality business plan, expertise in the necessary areas of operating it, and a commitment to make the business work they could turn you away. As a result of these types of frustrations many people turn to priva........ Read More


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