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Women S Work

RRP $287.99

While most women's studies texts function "topically" as "readings" for courses and general use, Women's Work: A Survey of Scholarship By and About Women takes a broad spectrum of women's disciplines--psychological, artistic, religious, and philosophical--and gives you a diverse, interdisciplinary view of this important and ever-expanding field of study in one accessible volume. You'll see that women are leading the world into the twenty-first century in such areas as education, business, health, and science. You'll also find your appreciation for the current developments in women's studies increase as you see how far-reaching and multifaceted this crucial discipline really is.Women's Work avoids the compilations of topical readings that tend to bog down typical women's studies courses and explores the different disciplines that continue to make this field central to the development of the academic world community. You'll find your perspective on women's studies expand and take on new meaning as you delve into these and other areas:

  • feminist approaches to research
  • the lack of women in science and feminist critiques of science
  • women and health
  • psychology and discussions on sex differences, sex similarities, and gender roles
  • communication differences between men and women
  • women in literature, art history, and metaphysics
  • Judeo-Christian religions and goddess religionsThis comprehensive compendium has something for everyone interested in the massive contribution that women have made--and will continue to make--in all areas of human development. All readers, especially women's studies scholars, professors, students, and informed members of the general public looking for an excellent, up-to-date resource concerning the general direction of feminist disciplines today, will definitely want a copy of Women's Work.

Security For Today's Women

RRP $13.99

This publication is written specifically for Women of all ages. It covers personal security, awareness scenarios, basic self defense 'a simplified version of MCMMA' also personal home security scenario's. Awareness guidance in parking garages, mall parking lots, mindset and precautions. This book is highly recommended for young college coeds living in dorms, business women and seniors living alone. Topics covered are physical attacks, rape, muggings, abuse and battered women, re-building self esteem, and how to seek help. The Author is Retired Military, Marine Instructor, Director of Human Resources, Addictions Counselor and Treatment program advisor. and a Vietnam USMC Combat Veteran.I originally wrote this book in the mid 1980's, unfortunately it is more applicable now. The decision to re-write or update 'Security for Today's Women' was a simple one. I began thinking about revising the text and publishing to Amazon, following a conversation with my wife. Where she had expressed her concern about the dangers faced by today's college coeds, either sex. Those living in a college dorm or apartment. And how closely it compared to her own terrifying rape experience in a dark parking garage. Her voiced concerns regarding the unknown dangers faced by today's women everywhere, inspired a complete rewrite of the original book, new cover and all.When the initial book was completed in the 80's, She eagerly read it and basically stated; If I had known this stuff before, it would have never happened. Every woman should know how to defend herself. That's the story behind this little book for today's busy Women. It is our sincere hope you do not have such a terrifying experience thrust upon you. In the words of my wife and editor: "Knowing how to defend myself, changes everything". This small book is a no nonsense, thirty+ pages of Self Help, 'Awareness with Attitude' book for Today's Women, everywhere.A Marines wife knows, "Attitude is Everything". Thank you and stay safe.Thomas & Lisa

Weight Loss For Women

RRP $16.99

Do you have a busy life and little time for the gym? Have you constantly had trouble reaching your long term weight loss and fitness goals? The answers to all of your long term weight loss questions are here at last* * * * SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE DON'T MISS OUT * * * *I'm about to shatter one of the biggest fitness myths ever, a myth that was created by businesses to make you think that you need their facilities to be fit and lose weight. The businesses to which I'm referring are GYMS. Yes, you must always keep in mind that gyms are businesses that have the primary aim of getting your money. A gym doesn't care about your goals or aspirations,the only person who can force a major change in your life is YOU! And you don't need a gym to do this.For far too long people have been entrenched in the belief that in order to lose weight and be fit, they must buy an expensive gym membership. Well I'm here to tell you that you can workout from the comfort of your own home, and the best part is that you get to decide the hours of operation of your home gym. You can become totally independent, maintain a busy schedule and learn how to become a more self motivated individual.

Here's a sample of what's inside.......

- How to work out in as timely a manner possible - How to become self motivated when it comes to your personal fitness and weight loss goals- How to distance yourself from 5 of the most common weight loss/ fitness myths - How to implement some amazing simple and practical weight loss tips- How to perform 26 of the best at home exercises that will help you shed pounds fast! - How to properly write and follow your own at-home workout program- A an in-depth and comprehensive 4-week at-home workout plan - 6 amazingly simple healthy recipes that will make your mouth water and your stomach smile- A bonus sample of my other book: "Butt Workout" - The #1 benefit of being fit, healthy and losing weight!- Much, much more!As a personal trainer at an all women's gym I have seen some painful sights. Women who come into the gym day after day for hours on end, working out ineffectively and never getting the results they desire. While I can see the determination and passion in their eyes they're simply doing things the hard way. You don't have to be one of these women! I promise you that by the end of this book you will have everything you need to be healthy and fit without ever having to go to a gym again! Download "Weight Loss For Women: Tighten & Tone, Perk Up Your Assets, Drop a Dress Size and Look Great Naked. No Gym Needed!" Right now Just scroll to the top of the page, download it and we can get started on your weight loss journey together!

17 Days To Your Own Profitable Home Watch Business

RRP $18.99

The 39page guide series is your shortcut to expert information. You could spend hours searching the web and still not find the information you have here in a simple, easy to read, short summary. Each book provides a solid foundation that saves you a ton of time and fruitless hunting. Keep in mind our goal: Easy to read, less than 2 hours for the average reader At least 36 pages of information Few if any pretty pictures Quick to understand, distilled to be readable and informative immediately Written by an expert for those with little or no knowledge. More than an overview but less than a compendium an offer for more information from the author (optional)

Women, Work And Computerization

RRP $546.99

ELLENBALKA Simon Fraser University ebalka@Sfu. ca 1. INTRODUCTION In developing the call for papers for the 7th International Federation of Information Processors (IFIP) Women, Work and Computerization Conference, we sought to cast our net widely. We wanted to encourage presenters to think broadly about women, work and computerization. Towards this end, the programme committee developed a call for papers that, in its final form, requested paper submissions around four related themes. These are (1) Setting the Course: Taking Stock of Where We Are and Where We're Going; (2) Charting Undiscovered Terrain: Creating Models, Tools and Theories; (3) Navigating the Unknown: Sex, Time, Space and Place, and (4) Taking the Helm: Education and Pedagogy. Our overall conference theme, 'Charting a Course to the Future' was inspired in part by Vancouver's geography, which is both coastal and mountainous. As such, navigation plays an important part in the lives of many as we seek to enjoy our environs. In addition, as the first Women, Work and Computerization conference of the new millennium, we hoped to encourage the broad community of scholars that has made past Women, Work and Computerization conferences a success to actively engage in imagining--and working towards-- a better future for women in relation to computers. The contributions to this volume are both a reflection of the hard work undertaken by many to improve the situation of women in relation to computerization, and a testament to how much work is yet to be done.


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