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Men, Women And Property In England, 1780-1870

RRP $752.99

This is an innovative study of middle-class behaviour and property relations in English towns in Georgian and Victorian Britain. Through the lens of wills, family papers, property deeds, account books and letters, the author offers a reading of the ways in which middle-class families survived and surmounted the economic difficulties of early industrial society. He argues that these were essentially 'networked' families created and affirmed by a 'gift' network of material goods, finance, services and support, with property very much at the centre of middle-class survival strategies. His approach combines microhistorical studies of individual families with a broader analysis of the national and even international networks within which these families operated. The result is a significant contribution to the history, and to debates about the place of structural and cultural analysis in historical understanding.

Asian American Women And Gender

RRP $363.99

Women have shaped immigrant families, reared new generations, and pioneered significant changes in their communities. These essays illuminate the complex and changing roles of Asian American women, examing such diverse subjects as war brides, international marriages, split households, stereotyping, women-centered kin networks, employment, immigrant prostitution, conflict with patriarchal attitudes, feminism, and lesbianism.

The Coach's Guide For Women Professors

RRP $337.99

This is a practical guide for women in academe - whether adjuncts, professors or administrators - who often encounter barriers and hostility, especially if women of color, and generally carry a heavier load of service, as well as household and care responsibilities, than their male colleagues. Rena Seltzer, a respected life coach and trainer who has worked with women professors and academic leaders for many years, offers succinct advice on how you can prioritize the multiplicity of demands on your life, negotiate better, create support networks, and move your career forward.

Using telling but disguised vignettes of the experiences of women she has mentored, Rena Seltzer offers insights and strategies for managing the situations that all women face - such as challenges to their authority - while also paying attention to how they often play out differently for Latinas, Black and Asian women. She covers issues that arise from early career to senior administrator positions.

This is a book you can read cover to cover or dip into as you encounter concerns about time management; your authority and influence; work/life balance; problems with teaching; leadership; negotiating better; finding time to write; developing your networks and social support; or navigating tenure and promotion and your career beyond.

A General Framework For Flow Control In Wireless Networks

RRP $304.99

Widely accepted flow control methods in wireline networks, such as TCP for data and TCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC) for multimedia, assume that packet loss is primarily due to congestion. As such, they fail to apply to wireless networks, in which the bulk of packet loss is due to errors at the physical layer. This often results in serious wireless bandwidth underutilization. In this work, we propose the use of multiple connections within the application layer as a way to improve the throughput and to reduce underutilization in wireless networks. It differs from existing work as follows. First, it is theoretically guaranteed to be optimal, stable and scalable. Second, it end-to-end and requires modifications to neither infrastructure nor transport protocol stack, making it easy to deploy in practice. This work implicitly provides a general framework for flow control. In this framework, it is sufficient to control users' rates and their number of connections independently in two separate timescales, in order to guarantee convergence to a desired equilibrium of the network. This two timescale approach allows modification of the control law in one timescale without affecting the one in the other timescale, or the system's convergence.

Working Women And State Policies In Taiwan

RRP $464.99

This book concentrates on exploring the changing relationship between the state and working women in Taiwan by incorporating social, economic, political and ideological factors into the historical analysis. It traces the history of state policies on women's employment, the impact of family and gender ideology on women's employment, women's roles in capitalist development, and the influence of women's movements on policy-making in Taiwan. Finally, it analyses the Taiwanese welfare regime in a gender-critical way.


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