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Be A Successful Government Contractor

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The U.S. Government is the largest consumer of products and services in the world. Adopting the right mindset is the missing link in determining whether women-owned businesses will be successful in doing business with the government. In the ten minutes it takes to read this book, Garnett Newcombe explains the 5 essential mindset shifts that will make you successful, shares information on how to understand government thinking, and outlines 9 successful strategies that work.

Marriage Success For Men?

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You came to this book because you want and probably need success for your marriage. This is good. If success is defined as absence of conflict, this book will not provide that. If however success is defined as manageable conflict this book will work for a successful marriage. Do men really have to understand women? No, they do not. Do women have to understand men? No, they do not. In fact, the mystery is spice for the marriage. What is needed, as this book reveals, is what women need for a successful marriage. Men then will receive what they need. Many people would reject the idea of being married to a clone of themselves. People want help, mystery, excitement, relationship, sharing and so forth. Clones are good for assembly lines, but marriage is joining two different worlds with separate and different perspectives. Yet, this joining is for the better, not for the worse. The idea behind marriage is a person should be better off married than single. Richard Pyle is married with a family. He lives in USA. His Degrees: BS 1967, BSL 1973, MS 1982. He is an author of a number of books.

Father-daughter Succession In Family Business

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Family firms play and are likely to continue to play a vital role in the global economy and many family owned firms are far from small. One of the events that can and does disrupt the smooth evolution of such businesses is generation transition and succession. In numerous high profile cases such as the Ford and DuPont families, succession problems have deeply and dramatically affected both the businesses and families involved. In this very focused research-based study the authors examine the increasing involvement of women in leadership roles in family firms and how daughters are now so often rising through the ranks to take over successful family businesses when their fathers are reaching the end of their careers as active entrepreneurs. With case studies from almost every continent, Father-Daughter Succession in Family Business looks at the cultural and other changes that have led to daughters gaining influence in more and more family businesses and the tensions this produces between old notions of how men and women should behave and the new style of leadership that often comes about when a woman takes the helm. The case studies included here comprise revealing narrative accounts from the daughters who succeeded their entrepreneur fathers in a wide variety of challenging situations, many of which involve cultural contexts beyond the North American and European ones in which research has already established that women can and do perform as well as or better than men in many leadership situations. Increasingly, entrepreneurs contemplating retirement look to consultants and others for help with managing succession. It is also increasingly recognized that in business education the socio-cultural aspects of entrepreneurialism have to be addressed. This book will help consultants, business educators, and researchers, as well as those who are themselves involved in significant family managed enterprises to better understand why it can no longer be assumed in any part of the World that the first born son will necessarily take over the reins of the family business.

A Women's Guide To Handling Guns - A Woman's Self-defense

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A Women's Guide to Handling Guns - A Woman's Self-Defense Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Does a Woman Need a Gun for Self-defense? Chapter 2 What type of gun is for me? Chapter 3 How to get started Chapter 4 The Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety Chapter 5 Parts of a Gun Chapter 6 Learning to Fire your Gun Chapter 7 Practical Shooting - the sport Chapter 8 When you are under attack Chapter 9 Additional Safety Precautions Conclusion Author Bio Bonus Content Introduction Mental Attitude Towards Violence How to Stop from Panicking? Facing Your Attacker Rules to Protect Yourself Going Out to a Party? When You Are Walking What If You Are Being Followed? Traveling on Your Own Traveling in Your Car Relationships Going Wrong No Means No To drink Or Not to Drink; That Is the Question Learning How to Fight Back How to Protect Yourself Against Grabs Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction I wrote this book to share what I have learned in gun handling and to give some idea, not only to women but also to men, of how a woman perceives this man-dominated "gadget" or equipment. I would say that 99% of women who know how to handle a gun or who are engaged in practical shooting as a sport, were influenced by a male in their lives whether it is the father, husband, brother, boyfriend, uncle or a male friend. Gun ownership, inarguably, is a man's world. But, it did not say that women cannot dip their fingers to it, if it is necessary, or even if she was just plain interested. In my case, the guilty party was my husband who suavely got my nod, first, for him to own a gun and later on, to join him on his shooting practice, tournaments and gun shows. I have to admit that in the beginning, I would cringe whenever I would see him working on his gun (and later on guns). I always have this thought that it will discharge accidentally and someone could get hurt. At that time, I could not even hold a gun. But then, gradually, I warmed up to it ---- I started holding the gun (no bullets, of course) until later on, my husband would be training me on how to hold it properly, how to get the right stance and eventually how to fire it. Believe it or not, within months, I was going with him on his practice shooting and tournaments. At first, I was the photographer and videographer. Eventually, I would be doing my own practice sessions and would join him on tournaments.

Successful Public Speaking In A Week

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Learn in a week, what the experts learn in a lifetime.

Sunday: Write a speech to which people will want to listen that is well-researched, uses stimulating content and is tailored to the needs of the audience.

Monday: Learn how to use effective speaking techniques such as projection, commanding the space and interaction with your audience.

Tuesday: Discover more advanced public speaking techniques such as using audio and visual aids, varying your pace, and adding tone and inflection.

Wednesday: Ensure you are fully prepared through memorizing key points and rehearsing with others.

Thursday: Control your nerves with relaxation techniques and confidence tricks of the trade.

Friday: Engage with your audience by keeping to your script, making eye contact and varying your delivery.

Saturday: Understand the common mistakes to avoid so that you won't lose your audience's attention.

About the Author

Matt Avery has been a public speaking trainer since 1995, and has been awarded a public speaking Gold Medal. He has a degree in drama, and is frequently invited to sit on the judging panel for public speaking competitions. This is his fourth book on public speaking.


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